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How to Get a Second Charge Bridge Loan

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Decision in Principle

The first step in obtaining a Second Charge Bridging Loan is to enter your basic details; your name, property providing the security, loan size etc. On receipt Vitvo will issue a Decision in Principle within an hour, if the application is made within working hours.
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Application Form

If you wish to proceed with the Second Charge Bridge Loan based on Vitvo's terms; the second step in obtaining a 2nd Charge Bridge Loan is to enter your remaining details of the loan in an application form. Parts of it will already be pre-filled from the original details you gave us at the Decision in Principle Stage. On receipt, Vitvo will turn this around in 1 working day.
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Valuation and Legals

All being well, Vitvo will confirm that we can proceed with the Bridge Loan. The third step in obtaining a 2nd Charge Bridging Loan, is for Vitvo to arrange for a valuation, typically around £1,000. Simulataneously, Vitvo will work with your solicitor to document the agreed terms in a Second Charge Bridging Loan agreement. Once this is agreed, and signed by both parties, your Second Charge Bridge Loan is binding. This can take 3 days if each party is engaged.
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Money Transferred

Once the Second Charge Bridging Loan has been signed, our solicitor will transfer the money to your solicitor within 3 hours.

......and if you prefer writing, here is a hard copy Bridge Loan Application Form

If you wish to apply on behalf of a client for a Bridge Loan from Vitvo, and don't wish to do so electronically, please print off the form, fill in as best you can and send back to Vitvo by email to
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